Today's must-reads center on one of my favorite topics: work-life alignment. I've got something for freelancers, office workers and business owners.

  • Research shows that awarding employees with a shortened or work-free Friday over the summer gives them the motivation to work harder during the rest of the week. [Business News Daily]
  • The answer to work-life alignment may not be found inside of a book or a blog, but rather inside of yourself. Personal intuition and knowing your needs can go a long way to finding happiness. [CBS News]
  • Are men being left behind in the work-life alignment conversation? According to some, there's still an 18th-century mindset when it comes to men in the corporate world. [Forbes]
  • Warren Buffett might just have the key to work and life figured out. While negotiating a $5 billion deal, he had to leave for a few hours in the middle of it because he had promised his grandchildren he would take them to Dairy Queen. [TIME Moneyland]
  • Needing personal time away from work isn't just for working moms. More and more single women are raising their voices to reveal what they need as well. [Jezebel]
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