zcann scanner mouse
zcann scanner mouse

Many of the entrepreneurs and team members I work with want to fully digitize their paperwork, but don't have hours to sit next to a scanner bed with reams of paper. The ZCAN scanner mouse by Systech Electronics Ltd. is a powerful gadget that removes these barriers of time, complexity and space.

[contextly_auto_sidebar id="bMvrlMrhNhjo4eK5Zy4E7bzBWN7jT0Mx"]By day, the ZCAN is an unassuming USB mouse (there's also a wireless version, but I have the wired one), complete with scroll wheel and two-button functionality. Press the center ZCAN button, though, and it becomes a mini handheld scanner that creates real-time scans as you swipe in a Z shape.

Digitizing paperwork with ZCAN is easy, but what's really exciting is all the stuff you can do with your scanned items:

  • Save them to online tools like Evernote and Dropbox.
  • Scan just the relevant part of a page or image, if desired -- versus the whole thing.
  • Share them to Facebook, Twitter, or email.
  • Translate them (ZCAN's OCR recognizes 199 languages and opens Google Translate immediately after scanning)
  • Export the scan to .jpg, .doc, .pdf, .txt, .png and -- get this -- .xls. Yes -- printed tables become digitally editable Excel spreadsheets!

Read more about the ZCAN wired and wireless versions here: Wired, Wireless

Disclosure: I received the ZCAN scanner mouse in this review for free. That said, I'm genuinely impressed with its functionality and am looking forward to digitizing more documents. I think you'll find it a valuable item to add to your tech arsenal as well.

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