employee engagement infographic

Employee engagement is important for any company, small or large, to thrive. Disengaged employees will be less motivated to perform well and it will ultimately show in the work they produce. But an engaged employee will put their all into their work and feel connected to the company's goals. The infographic below from OfficeVibe displays some shocking statistics about employee engagement.

According to the infographic, 70% of American workers do not feel engaged at work. When employees leave their jobs, 89% of employers think it is for more money, but that is only true for 12% of employees. Furthermore, 75% of employees who do quit aren't looking to leave their jobs, they're looking to quit their bosses.

The issue comes down to a lack of employee engagement. Only 40% of the workforce know what their company's goals are. But, having engaged employees pays off. Companies with engaged employees make 2.5 times more revenue and engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave the companies they work for.

Learn more about employee engagement in the infographic below.

employee engagement infographic
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