team huddle

One of the most important aspects of being a manager is knowing how to successfully motivate your team. Each employee needs to feel encouraged in their roles, and this feeling will lead to heightened productivity. Those who don't feel motivated are likely to show lower performance levels. Below are three easy ways any manager can motivate their team.

1. Communicate Well

Be very specific when giving instructions, so that employees know exactly what is expected of them. This will ensure that you are all on the same page and they know exactly what results you are looking for. Additionally, make sure they know when they've done a good job and remind them why they are a necessary part of the team. If their performance is declining, simply talk it out with them and find out where the problem lies.

2. Give Rewards

Give small tokens of appreciation to staff members for a job well done. Something as simple as a hand-written note or extending vacation days can go a long way. Feeling appreciated is a surefire way to ignite a new sense of motivation.

3. Team-Building Activities

Engage with employees in team-building activities. This will help employees work better with each other while also building and strengthening their bond. This can be done during a Friday afternoon through a scheduled activity or through something grander like a company retreat. Whatever it is, it should be fun and help take away from the often mundane work routine.

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