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Brent Gleeson is a Navy SEAL combat veteran and the co-founder and CMO of Internet Marketing Inc.. He has taken some of the practices he learned as a Navy SEAL and has applied them to the culture in his own organization. Gleeson says Navy SEALs practice habits that heighten productivity, and these are habits that can be used by any company.

"When performing capture-or-kill missions in Iraq, we often used Humvees as insert platforms. It didn't take long to see the difficulty of getting out of a Humvee and over a six-foot wall while wearing nearly 70 pounds of gear," he writes. "It was taking us too long to get into the yard and breach the target. So we worked together to improve the existing strategy. We removed the doors, welded running boards along the side to stand on, and built ladders out of two-by-fours. By getting creative and working together, we cut our target entry time in half."

Here are three ways to be as productive as a Navy SEAL:

1. Transparent Communication

Communication is an important part of any culture -- it helps to promote honesty and makes room for constructive feedback. "One of our core values at our company is 'Everyone has a voice.' And believe me, everyone does!" Gleeson says. "When you know you have the right people on your team, it's foolish not to want their input."

2. Be Creative with Problem Solving

Think outside the box and use your imagination. Be fluid when adapting to new circumstances and constantly find new and innovative ways to solve problems. "Imagination played a key role in improving the operational capabilities in SEAL teams over the years. At our company, working in an industry that is constantly changing has forced us to be always evaluating and changing the ways we provide our services to clients."

3. Keep Changing Processes

As your company grows, as the economy changes, and has the industry you are part of changes, you will be forced to adapt and reevaluate your strategies. This is how your organization will evolve and continue to be successful. "SEALs constantly adapt their combat tactics," Gleeson explains. "If you fight the same enemy long enough, it will adapt to your strategies."

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