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Many of us spend upwards of eight hours a day at our desks. Historically, humans are not sedentary creatures, and this prolonged motionless state can raise health concerns. In order to avoid the health risks associated with sitting all day, practice good posture while sitting at your desk.

Research underway at Harvard and the University of Waterloo suggests that a dynamic perching position halfway between sitting and standing where our hips are at a 135-degree angle offers the best remedy for our motionless days. This method keeps our legs engaged, while maintaining an upright posture.

Good posture relies on a relationship with both the pull of gravitational forces and the suspension of anti-gravitational forces. To maintain an even balance in this relationship, the correct office configuration is essential. You must also supplement your motionless routine with breaks, during which you move around and stand up. This movement can improve your productivity, and keep you healthy. For the sake of your future health, work on good posture in the office place. You will thank yourself later.

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