stop procrastinating

The world is full of productivity hacks. Whether it is supplementing your workday with exercise or creating an organized, well thought out to-do list, there's a plethora of ways to boost your productivity in the work place. One thing we often overlook though, is what if we enjoyed performing these daily tasks? Would we be more productive? Jessica Stillman of weighs in on this topic while speaking with veteran hedge fund manager Brooke Allen.

"I'm terrible at doing what people tell me to I should do," says Allen. He admits that he still gets things done, but it is all about how he conceptualizes these things. Allen gives the example of a high school calculus class that assigned tremendously boring homework. For a while Allen just didn't do the homework, but when his likelihood of passing was jeopardized. Allen knew he had to do something. So he turned the homework assignments into things he liked. He creatively typed out his answers, and pressed them on a wood backing, which surely impressed his teacher.

The way we conceptualize tasks weighs heavily on our productivity. If we can turn tasks into things we like doing, we are much more likely to charge through them with quality work that is performed efficiently. Nevertheless, there are certain tasks in the workplace that you will never enjoy. If, by any means possible, you can eliminate these tasks from your daily routine, your productivity will increase along with your well-being. Create meaning and fun in the tasks you do at work, and you will surely boost your productivity.

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