Some would say that freelancers have the best job in the world. You can work remotely, you're under your own watch, and you choose the amount of work you take on. However, your life of a freelancer is a bit more complicated than that. Like all professionals, freelancers occasionally hit flats -- a place where motivation runs thin and workflow ceases. If you, or someone you know, seems to be in this stage of their work life, refer to these five tips to get back on the path to productivity.

Remember why you are a freelancer. Why do you write/design/consult/etc. in the first place? Is it so you can be mobile and travel? Is it because you love your craft? Whatever your reason is, remember the initial excitement when you realized you could support yourself as a freelancer. Harness this excitement once more.

Keep your work environment comfortable. An uncomfortable workspace is sure to keep you from maximizing your productivity. Establish a comfortable space, which is equipped with the materials you need for a successful day of work. By creating your ideal workspace, you can maximize productivity and free up more time for doing the things you love.

Reward yourself. Offer yourself incentives for achieving certain tasks. Whether it is time outside or a cold one, it is proven that when you have an incentive to work for, productivity increases. Creatively place these incentives throughout your workday so you can achieve various things throughout one day. This way, you will stay focused and boost your productivity along the way.

Maintain a routine. When your work practices become a habit, it makes it easier to slide in and out of your daily duties. Create patterns in your day where you partake in leisure activities, crank out your desired amount of work with said breaks, and then head back into leisure time. Once this routine is established, you will find it difficult to break and thus will have established your desired working time. Productivity will ensue.

Stay healthy. Maintaining the health of both the body and mind is essential for any freelancer. Exercise will increase energy levels and allow you to maintain focus for longer periods of time. Exercising your mind will increase the quality of your work and your overall output. Exercise is something that many people discard when work gets busy. Keep you your exercise routine and you can expect top-notch productivity.

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