team huddle

In a time where individual task within organizations are dwindling, it is essential to have motivated teams that are focused on reaching their goals. With this being said, focusing and motivating a team can be a difficult task. But if done correctly, it can push an organization's productivity to an all time high.

Dr. Jeffrey Magee, an expert on motivating groups, has identified five ways to ensure that you are getting peak performance from your team. Two of my favorites include Group Think Exchanges and Intrinsic Motivators.

With a Group Think Exchange, you generate an outlet for creative individuals within the group to share their ideas without the constraints of the organization bearing down on them. In most large organizations, individuals become wrapped up in the norms and regularities of the firm, and don't have a way to let their creative juices flow. By giving your team a way to present new ideas and procedures, you are contributing to the innovation and growth of your entire organization.

What drives you to do what you do? For me, it's the idea of being as productive and efficient as possible so at the end of the day I can have more time to play. Maybe for you it's the desire to grow and develop your organization. As a group leader, you must identify these Intrinsic Motivators for your group, and let the members feed off of them. This requires individual assessment of group members, but ultimately leads to the highest productivity rate possible because an Intrinsic Motivator drives each team member.

Teams currently dominate organizations. By knowing how to motivate your team, you can supercharge their productivity and reach goals quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

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