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Everyone has their own way of making to-do lists -- some list tasks by priority, some schedule their day. Others prefer to add tasks to their list as it comes to them. Another method is this ABC hack -- tagging your tasks with letters A through E, depending on their urgency.

A - A List B - Better Get it Done C - Carry On D - Delegate E - Eliminate

Complete tasks in order of A to E, with A's being the most urgent. The A-list tasks are pretty self-explanatory -- these are the items that need to get done immediately and are most important to reaching goals. Better Get it Done tasks are those that need to be completed because others are depending on it. Carry On tasks are the routine tasks that we have to complete each day, such as weekly reports or social media updates. D is for tasks that you can delegate to others, or reminders that you need to check the status of certain delegated tasks. Tasks in the last category are simply things that can go undone and are not necessary to any larger goals.

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