Morningside Academy students learn about recycling

The achievement culture at Seattle's Morningside Academy school could also boost productivity in modern workplaces. Morningside is a laboratory school that caters to youngsters with academic problems using a behavioral approach. Instead of a report card each semester or quarter, students get a daily report card to measure achievement. What's more, the school even offers a money-back guarantee for parents.

As Talent Management magazine describes:

If the student doesn’t gain at least two years in the area of greatest deficit at the end of the school year, they can ask for a refund. In more than 30 years, less than 1 percent of parents have asked for their money back because achievement at Morningside approaches three years progress per school year.

The Morningside model prioritizes learning, achievement and meeting predetermined goals. Students get plenty of positive feedback and reinforcement each day, supercharging their development. How could your colleagues benefit from an achievement culture?

If this strategy fascinates you, consider two distinct yet similar concepts: a results-only work environment and a meritocratic workplace.

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