boosting productivity
boosting productivity

When it comes to being the most productive person you can be, there are certain question you can ask of yourself, and others, to ensure that your productivity is at a maximum. Meggin McIntoch covers ten of these productivity based questions, and their importance, in her recent article on the Just Whelmed blog. I'll give a brief insight into the five most important questions to ask when considering whether or not an activity, task, job, responsibility, or commitment will allow you to flourish in productivity.

1. Does this task fit with my goals? It is important to align your personal goals with the goals associated with your work. When these goals are aligned, you will be able to work in optimal conditions for maximum productivity.

2. Am I the only person that can do this? By drawing on strengths that only you possess, you can ensure that the tasks you are working on get done the way you want them to. This sense of freedom and accomplishment will push your productivity to an all time high.

3. Do I care about the person who is asking me to do this? In a world where many of us are so busy, it becomes difficult to please everyone. By remaining faithful to those you care about, and politely decline requests by those who are less important, you can ensure you care about the work you're doing, and in turn will operate at your highest level of productivity.

4. Does this task/activity energize me? Finding inspiration in the work you are completing undoubtedly leads to a better quality of work. Enjoying this work leads to a higher level of productivity. Ask this question to guarantee you are getting something out of the work you are completing.

5. If I do this, what will it take the place of? Make sure what you are working on is the most important thing at the moment. By doing so, the task will command your full attention, and thus you will put forth your best work. If there is something else that is more important to you, prioritize and make time for both tasks.

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