A long to-do list an be daunting, but this little trick might make all the difference. Rather than creating your to-do list by priority or just as a random list, batch similar tasks together.

This method, which is called "batching" is set up so that you complete all similar tasks in one go. That way, you get to tick several to-dos off your list and it will make you feel more accomplished at the end of the day.

The reason why this method works for so many people is because it stops you from having to totally switch gears when moving on to a new task. When working on similar items a once, it's easier for your brain to move on once your've ticked something off your list. When a group of tasks is complete, use that as an opportunity to take a short break before moving on to the next set.

This strategy does mean that you'll have to be more strategic when creating your to-do list and setting up your day or week, but the results but might be well worth the additional planning.

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