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Rosemina Nazarali

Shark Tank's Robert Herjavec Shares Productivity Tips

Robert Herjavec is the founder of Herjavec Group, a global information security firm that helps enterprises protect themselves against cyber threats. He is also an author that offers business advice through his books, Driven and The Will To Win, and helps entrepreneurs through ABC's Shark Tank. Clearly, he&...

Rosemina Nazarali

Idle Busyness is Making You Unproductive

Many of us are guilty of finding ways to stay busy, but this busyness doesn't necessarily mean we are being productive. A recent article in HBR calls this idle busyness, a self-imposed bad habit that keeps us from being idle for any period of time. [contextly_sidebar id=...

Rosemina Nazarali

How to Create an Efficient Project Plan

The first step of completing any project is planning. Mapping out the goals and a clear path to reach those goals is the first, but often most daunting part of a project. And this plan usually gets a few tweaks along the way. The presentation below explains the three most...

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