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Benjamin Franklin was a busy man. He was one of the founders of our nation, as well as an inventor and a businessman. Franklin was also extremely productive with the time he had each day. The following three productivity hacks come from Franklin's personal writing, where he detailed his schedule and his ability to be extremely productive.

Set aside time for planning. Franklin would get out of bed three hours before he started his work for the day. During this time period he would plan out his day, and contemplate how to do more good than he had done the day before. When was the last time you set time like this aside?

Keep track of your accounts. Franklin was a shrewd businessman, and kept precise records of his many accounts. By doing this, you can increase the efficiency with which you do certain tasks in the workplace. Knowing precise levels of certain accounts can make planning ahead much easier as well.

Have a purpose. Franklin tried to do something good everyday. Do your best to replicate his approach to each day, By adding good to the world we become empowered as change agents, and can actually make a difference. By tying our goals to a deeper sense of meaning just as Franklin did, we can get more done and have this work be more meaningful.

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