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Politics can be an ugly game in general, but the run for the White House is the pinnacle of the political arena. Here are some business lessons we can learn from President Obama and Mitt Romney as they battle it out.

  • Even the most powerful man in the world has to lobby for the job. Here are five lessons the presidential campaign can teach us about landing the right job. [US News]
  • Reputation is everything in business. It can make or break a company or a career. Using popular search terms as a guide, find out what the 2012 presidential election teaches us about reputation management. [Reputation Changer]
  • These five entrepreneurship lessons from Obama and Romney might surprise you. For example, you don't need more experience or an eclectic background to come out on top. [Inc.]
  • Choosing the right partner can be essential to a successful business. When Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his VP, he was putting his future in his hands. [BusinessWeek]
  • Even for a presidential candidate, having a strong presence on social media is of the utmost importance. Why marketing outlets like Facebook and Twitter are a branding component no business should ever do without. [USA Today]
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