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This week's guest posts focus on work productivity tips, employee benefits and networking pointers.

  • Networking is one of the most important tools to perfect in the workforce. Here are five tips to network effectively. [PayScale]
  • Google is known for its incredible employee benefits, but this one just might blow all others out of the water. Find out what the "Google death benefit" is all about. [PayScale]
  • New research shows a correlation between a company's success and the existence of female board members. [PayScale]
  • Can millennials sigh with relief? According to this infographic, job prospects aren't as bad as they once seemed. [PayScale]
  • Olympic athletes are providing inspiration across the globe. Now their inspiration can be felt with these career training tips. [PayScale]
  • Your work productivity could be being destroyed without you even knowing it. Are you guilty of committing these seven debilitating everyday work habits? [PayScale]
  • The FBI is hot on our trails with technological advancement of the paperless Sentinel digital case management system. [PayScale]
  • Don't let yourself be the victim of age discrimination. Fight back with these four tips. [PayScale]
  • What if you could say whatever you want to your boss without fear of retaliation? Now you can. [PayScale]
  • In which I embark on the first day of my 90-day Caveman Challenge on the paleo diet. [CalorieLab]
  • Don't be left in the dark. This infographic explains the paleolithic diet in easy terms. [CalorieLab]
  • And here's my Day 2 wrap-up on the Caveman Challenge. [CalorieLab]
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