millennials in a meeting

Given the reputation of having a poor work ethic and being hard to manage, millennials are set to make up the largest workforce in history. So how do we capitalize on this group of people?

The first perception of millennials that needs to be abandoned is their lack of preparedness for the workplace. Differing from the definition of preparedness for baby boomers, millennials are prepared for the workplace, but in different ways than those that came before them. This preparedness comes in the form of creativity and willingness to learn new things. Millennials are goal oriented and keep their focus on the final product, but often times the path taken to reach the final product is not an important factor to millennials.

This creativity and forward thinking approach that is brought to the table by millennials is essential to the success of businesses in today's workplace. To improve millennials' standing and reputation in organizations, which will boost their confidence and productivity, it is essential that higher education and businesses collaborate to better meet the needs of today's workforce. By doing so, millennials will possess even more valuable skills as they enter the workforce, and will have knowledge of what businesses expect of them.

Millennials now make up the largest workforce in history. Understanding their work habits and empowering them in the workplace is critical to the success of all businesses. With that said, boost the productivity of the millennials in your organization by adapting to their needs and ultimately growing your business!

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