perfectionism and productivity

You're a perfectionist. Nothing ever seems quite right, there is always a small detail that could be added, removed or changed to make your project perfect. Unfortunately, perfect doesn't really exist and your perfectionism is just getting in the way of your productivity. Here are a few tips to help you combat your perfectionism and become more productive.

1. Get Started

One of the biggest challenges of a perfectionist is getting started on a project. You're always waiting for the perfect time -- in the right environment, the right state of mind and completely interrupted. If you keep waiting for this perfect time, you may never actually begin anything. Stop thinking so much and just get started. Get an idea down, even if it's on something as imperfect as a napkin.

2. Set New Milestones

The problem with being a perfectionist is that you have a hard time progressing from one thing to the next. This can lead to some serious burnout. Instead, try to stop worrying about every tiny detail and think more about the bigger picture. When beginning a new project, outline what your end goal is. Then, detail every step you'll need to take to achieve that goal. This will make it easier for you to see how much work you have to complete, so you can better budget your time.

3. Flaws are Allowed

A perfectionist will always be able to spot flaws, even when others will tell you that the project is finished. You simply have to learn a new way to view what it means to be finished. You can do this by giving yourself a set of minimum requirements to meet before starting your project. When all these requirements have been met, you can consider it finished.

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