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Finding motivation to stay productive isn't always easy, so why not turn to some of the world's busiest people. The below infographic from American Express Open Forum provides five helpful productivity tips from entrepreneurs and all around busy people.

Jason Goldberg, the CEO of Fab.com, suggests staying focused. He advises that everyone chooses one thing, the one thing you are better at than anybody else, and stick to doing just that one thing. Meanwhile, tennis player Martina Navratilova's mantra is to "concentrate on concentrating." You can start doing this by getting rid of pesky little distractions, like social media and visiting websites that post adorable cat photos.

Even meetings can get in the way of your productivity. CEO of Career Education Corp., Gary E. McCullough, suggests cutting down meeting times in half. This gives him the opportunity to get a few extra things done in his day. Tony Schwartz, CEO of The Energy Project, finds the best way to stay productive is to create a system. Figure out the time of day that you are most productive and complete your most difficult tasks during that period.

Author and journalist Laura Vanderkam has a very simple rule to staying productive -- wake up early. Start with rising 15 minutes earlier everyday until you are able to start your day before 6am.

Learn more productivity tips int he infographic below.

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