hub vilnius coworking space

Coworkering is a great option for solopreneurs and even small startup teams who are looking for a collaborative work environment. Sharing a workspace with people from different fields and specialties is a growing trend, and there's a good reason for it. The infographic below from Premier Business Centers takes a deeper look at coworking.

The infographic defines coworking as people gathering in one place to do their respective work in an environment that combines the best aspects of a coffee shop and a home office. The trend is growing at a rapid rate with 4.5 coworking spaces opening around the world each day.

The benefits of coworking spaces include increased focus and creativity, the ability to collaborate with people outside of your immediate team, and higher levels of productivity. Some have even cited feeling healthier and gaining self-confidence after using coworking spaces.

Learn more about coworking in the infographic below.

coworking infographic
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