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How many of you actually like scheduling, planning for, and attending meetings? I know I don’t. But, I have found a system that eases that pain. It is called

What It Is: is an online platform that allows you to keep your meetings, participants and action items organized in one central location. [rebel] [contextly_sidebar id="uRr48cQco0rQaqboCHNNPeGeLJ2gzEm1"]

How It Works:

  1. Login with your Gmail account.
  2. Each morning you have the option to have your daily agenda emailed to you.
  3. A visual timeline of all your meetings is created.
  4. For each event you can:
    1. Add members to the meeting
    2. Each member can create a meeting goal and check in
    3. Add agenda items
    4. Add attachments that will be useful or needed during the meeting
    5. Create private notes before, during, or after the meeting
    6. Share a summary of your meeting

Best Features for REBELs:

  • Organizing yourself and team members: I found that even our high Quick-Start team members could easily get in the habit of using
  • Coordinating deliverables: All documents are kept in a central location, so it's easy to see who needs what for a particular meeting. I found this to be especially valuable when there are many action items to discuss in a meeting because every attendee has instant access to the same documents.
  • Meeting Recap: Not all team members take copious notes throughout the meeting. With, it is very easy to store your meeting notes and quickly share them with key team members.


  • Is the majority of your work meeting based or project based? If you have a lot of meetings and each meeting has a unique agenda, can be extremely valuable. If the majority of your work is not meeting based, it may be more beneficial to use a project management platform so that more virtual discussions can be held around specific projects.
  • Are you already using a project management platform? If you and your team already use a project management platform, such as Basecamp, may duplicate your work by needing to add documents and agendas to both locations.

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Final Word: will help you and your team to be more organized and efficient in order to supercharge your meetings. [/rebel]

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