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It's easy enough. As soon as I finish this task, I'll just jump over to Reddit and check today's AMAs. Half an hour later you realize that you have read three AMAs, scanned your Facebook, and looked for tickets for tonight's game. Although it only seems like a half hour, this is valuable time lost and productivity that could be improved. More importantly, this time adds up throughout the day, and you may be wasting more time than you realize. Now, more than ever, keeping track of time in the work place is essential.

Inc.com recently ran an article detailing five reasons to track your time in the workplace. As I say, you cannot improve what you cannot measure, and this article expands on this mindset.

By tracking your time on various activities, it becomes clear what occupies your time and what shouldn't. By decreasing the time you spend on mundane activities you can focus on the respective innovation that can drive you to success in your field. Maybe you aren't spending enough time in areas that you feel are truly important to the growth of your business.

In the world of efficiency, improving your productivity starts with good time management. By tracking your time you provide a measure to improve on, which is the essence of becoming the most successful business possible.

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