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Many of us work in settings that are inefficient and involve outdated processes. Sometimes it seems like even the simplest tasks have complex processes that inevitably add time and effort to something that could be much less demanding. The worst part of this familiar scenario is that some of us see ways to eliminate outdated processes, but instead choose to slog along in the unproductive corporate comfort zone. It's time to break or forfeit these old processes and streamline your productivity!

Drawing from an already established way to Un-Process your outdated processes, follow these three steps to ensure that your day is as productive as possible.

1. List the perceived benefits of the existing process or system.

Most processes are designed to improve the efficiency of a certain task, but end up making it more time consuming. Take note of the positive outcomes of each process you do on a daily basis.

2. List the actual outcomes that are negative

With any process, there will be unavoidable negative outcomes. Take note of these negative outcomes for each task you perform on a daily basis.

3. Ask yourself, 'Are the costs outweighing the negatives?'

A simple comparison between the positive and negative outcomes of each task should tell you whether or not this task is worth your time.

One of the most beautiful parts of this simple exercise comes next. Give yourself ten minutes to rethink these processes, and come up with new ways to fix the old system. In such a short time period, you will be forced to consider all your options and create a new process that you can implement and refine.

By eliminating processes that waste time and effort, you can boost your productivity and find creative new ways to accomplish tasks at work. You never know, you might just create a new process that can revolutionize your line of work!

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