eat lunch at desk

It is common knowledge that a nutritious lunch can spur afternoon productivity. Most of us think that stuffing a quick sandwich down our throats while staying at our desk is the best bet for staying productive, but recent studies prove otherwise.

Researchers at the University of Toronto recently conducted a study on those who eat lunch at their desks each day, and those that step away from their desk to enjoy a midday meal. The results showed that the absence of a lunch break can lead to greater fatigue and lower productivity. In her article on, Lisa Evans breaks down the results of the study and explains why you should never eat lunch at your desk. Here are her top three reasons.

1. Give your Brain a Break Stepping away from the desk, even for a short period of time, has been proven to rejuvenate the mind, and allows for more productive work following the break. Relax and recharge during your lunch break.

2. Create a Break Culture Do you feel pressured to stay at your desk while you eat lunch? If so, try to institutionalize a break culture at your place of employment. By taking a break for lunch, you may empower others to do so as well, which can also potentially boost the productivity of your coworkers.

3. Avoid Business Lunches Although the social dynamic of lunch with coworkers can be nice, it is best to avoid business lunches, says Evans. The topic of conversation often centers around work, and this can lead to stress and no time for your brain to relax. It's best to either break for lunch alone, or with a counterpart who is not a coworker. This way, you ensure your brain maximum time to recharge.

With today's expectations, it is normal to see many people taking lunch at their desks. In order to maximize efficiency, step away from your desk for your midday meal. This will allow your brain to recharge, and ensure maximum productivity during the afternoons.

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