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Every business needs a something to value. More than a bottom line or mission statement, a thriving company culture can lead employees through the ups and downs of a startup while allowing staff to be part of a community. If your organization is struggling with building a distinct culture, here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Encourage Employees to Lead

Leadership is a large part of every organization and you should encourage your employees to become leaders. Sometimes this might involve putting people into positions that are risky. But, that's all part of a thriving culture. People should be encouraged to lead and take risks while doing so. Sometimes it will work out, and other times it won't. Be supportive either way.


Creativity should remain at the core of every venture. That's where you'll find innovation and the ability to adapt in a changing marketplace. Create a culture in which new ideas are welcome and employees are encouraged to think outside the box. Try creating a space within your office that is built to inspire and boost creativity.

Build Relationships

Right from the start, relationships within the company should be regarded high on the priority list. At digital agency Sapient, new hires are given a list of contacts instead of a company handbook. This helps the new hires assimilate and encourages them to build relationships with coworkers.

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