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Many companies will be shutting their doors on Friday afternoon so employes can enjoy the holiday season, not returning until the new year. For many startups and solopreneurs, this two-week break is just not feasible. But, being that it's the holiday season, no one wants to work. End-of-year productivity is always at a low while people are more focused on meal-planning and gift-buying. Here are a few tips to help get you and your organization through the holiday season.

1. Make the Holidays Work for You

It is the holiday season, which simply means that no one wants to spend all their time working. Embrace the holiday spirit and plan some activities for the office. Offer some holiday-related incentives and try getting to know your employees better -- ask them about their holiday plans and traditions. This will help make the time they do spend working a little more productive.

2. Encourage Teamwork Through Competition

The holidays can often produce a ton of stress in the workplace, so try to liven things up with a bit of friendly competition. Try using a leader board or organize employees into teams while working on a project. But remember to keep things light and fun.

3. Embrace Downtime

It's still the holidays and everyone deserves some time off. Embrace this spirit by having office-wide coffee and lunch breaks and encourage your staff to enjoy their Christmas and New Years with their families and friends. Show them that their downtime is important to you.

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