productive mornings

It is no secret that many successful people perform at their highest level early in the day. Just how early? According to a recent article published by Inc., many CEOs are up by at least 6 AM. For some this sounds like absolute torture, but for others, it's ideal.

What makes people more productive in the early hours? For me, it is the total lack of distractions. I can focus solely on the task at hand, never wavering my concentration until I am through. Others however, have different reasons for getting up early. Tim Armstrong, CEO of AOL, says, "life is too exciting to sleep."

Whether you already get up early, or are a late riser, find the time where you are at your personal best. This time may be different for everyone, but it should be a time where you are completely engaged with the task at hand. Nothing is pulling you way from your work and your productivity is at an all time high. By making the most of what I like to call "Go Time," you can maximize your efficiency so that during your down time you can fully commit to relaxing and doing the things you love to do.

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