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Have you ever gotten stressed out by an incoming call from your entrepreneur?

These days, I don't. But I sure used to. Here's how I adapted and learned how to prepare for effective phone calls. [rebel] In my early days of working for Peter, I was definitely reactive in my approach to our phone calls. He'd ask a question, I'd then think about the answer and respond. He'd always ask follow-up questions -- and sometimes, I didn't have answers to these questions. This meant follow-up work, and extra reporting.

Most of the time, this didn't affect anything. But then Peter went into a heavy month of travel, and his check-in calls grew shorter and more infrequent. I found myself listing all the possible things he could ask me, so that I could feel like I was adding more value during our conversation. (I hate feeling unprepared -- it really messes with my confidence.)

Soon, Peter began calling me his AI, or artificial intelligence, because I seemingly anticipated his questions and always had the answers ready. It was a tremendous compliment.

I distilled my thought process into what I call the 3 P's. This presentation goes through each.

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And here's a printable worksheet you can use to think through your 3 P's. I fill out a new one once or twice a week on most weeks, and daily when we're preparing for Abundance 360 or are immersed in other big projects.

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