Overworked employees equals unproductive employees. When workers are overloaded, everyone suffers. The infographic below from TransForm Solution, LLC shows how employee overload hurts a company and simple solutions to combat it.

According to the infographic, a third of North American employees are overworked and 77% of employees feel burned out while on the job. A lot of this is caused by email trauma -- 50% will check their emails on the weekends, 60% will check emails on sick days and 22% are expected to check emails while not at work.

Feelings of being overworked is the top reason why employees will leave a job. It also leads to low morale, high turnover, an increase in errors, and physical and mental health issues.

Ways to deal with employee overload is by automating certain processes, setting up procedure guidelines, and outsourcing certain tasks.

Learn more about overworked employees in the infographic below.

employee overload infographic
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