No one is more familiar with sleepless nights than entrepreneurs (well, maybe new parents). Peter Shallard, also known as "The Shrink of Entrepreneurs" has offered a few tips that will help budding business leaders conquer their insomnia by learning to shut off their brains.

1. Leave your smartphone in a different room.

When it's time to sleep, leave your devices elsewhere. We tend to allow ourselves to get distracted by incessant notifications all day long, keeping ourselves plugged in 24/7. When you leave your phone on while you sleep, you'll either start thinking of ideas for the next day or you'll stress yourself out over your growing to-do list. Keep your devices turned off in a different room and give yourself a few hours of rest.

2. Keep a notebook for late-night thoughts.

Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs have too many thoughts to keep up with. And, this doesn't stop at night when your brain is supposed to be resting. Even while you are unconscious, your mind will keep going with reminders for things you have to complete the next day. To combat this, keep a notebook near your bed. When your brain begins filling with thoughts taking you away from rest, start writing things down so you don't feel overworked and anxiety-ridden.

3. Give yourself some flexibility in the morning.

For many insomniacs, anxiety is the cause for their sleepless nights. Much of this is caused by the concern that you have to wake up at a specific time in the morning. For a few weeks, Shallard suggests giving yourself a bit of room in the morning. Don't commit to anything before 10 or 11am to give yourself a bit more time to sleep if you need it.

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