flexible working

The old fashioned model of working in the office, at your desk, for eight hours a day is quickly fading. And I say, good riddance!

Paul Lee, founder and CEO of Powownow, believes that by trusting employees to get their jobs done wherever they are, you can run a more efficient organization. With this being said, the trust component of working remotely is extremely important. Employees must be dependable and held accountable for their work. If an employee fails repeatedly to submit expected work by a certain deadline, they clearly aren't cut out for working remotely, and possibly not even cut out for the office setting.

By utilizing 21st century technologies, we can work in a more efficient and productive environment. For Lee, conference calls are the most important tool his team uses while working remotely. Conference calls bring the right amount of people together at the right time, thus creating the optimal setting for communication. By partaking in a conference call, Lee and his employees are able to save the time it would take to travel to a physical meeting and put it towards other work related tasks.

By working smarter, we can work more efficiently.

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