peter diamandis and dan sullivan

peter diamandis and dan sullivan

[contextly_auto_sidebar id="bI9OPDn09lHcSbtJQ8DPhjEZizaCk373"]One of my mentors, Strategic Coach cofounder Dan Sullivan, has a concept I love called the Four Entrepreneurial Freedoms. These attributes motivate entrepreneurs to excel... and I'd posit that they similarly motivate high performers.

The four freedoms are Time, Money, Purpose and Relationship.

Sullivan describes them below:

I'm motivated by all of these, but most importantly by Time.

Do you know which freedom appeals most to you?

The day I realized how powerful freedom of time, I took ownership of it and began to prioritize it in every aspect of my day. I started thinking about time as something I invest, not something I spend.

And as you might imagine, my life satisfaction went up as a result.

Here's what freedom of time means to me:

  • Freedom to choose how to spend my day, from start to finish. I'm in charge of when I wake up, when I exercise, when I sleep, and whether I work a four- or 14-hour workday. I determine what chores to do and when, and what responsibilities I'd prefer to delegate or outsource.
  • Freedom from others' expectations of my workday or workweek. Rather than nickel-and-diming over how much time I spend on one project or another, I'm trusted to deliver results. Instead of worrying about what tasks a woman should take on in the household, or what other people do, I give myself permission to prioritize the best applications of my time and energy.
dan sullivan four entrepreneurial freedoms

dan sullivan four entrepreneurial freedoms

Here's a graph of Dan Sullivan's Four Entrepreneurial Freedoms that I made so you can share it with your friends and family, and see which freedoms motivate them most.

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