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Managers can supercharge team productivity by taking a cue from video game design and gamifying aspects of work. Adam Dole of Method recently outlined the four things video games teach us about motivating people in a post for Fast Company:

  • Games create urgent optimism.
  • Games create tight social groups.
  • Games create blissful productivity.
  • Games create meaning.

Several businesses are already gamifying aspects of everyday work; even Disney has gotten in on the act, albeit not optimally.

The key to successfully gamifying work and motivating teams is to embrace fun. Adopt the Ridiculously Efficient mantra -- work hard, play harder -- in your office to reward effective behavior and incentivize team productivity. Recognize restorative activities that would motivate your team to work harder, and build them into the workweek.

Does your office gamify work? If so, how has it influenced team productivity?

video games and motivation
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