working from home

Solopreneurs who work from home are tasked with dealing with a multitude of distractions that can easily and quickly take away from work. Everything from household chores to catching up on your favorite TV show -- working from home isn't always easy. However, a few simple tricks can put you in 'work mode' and help you boost your productivity.

Blogger Gracie Gordon suggests getting dressed before starting your day. Working from home gives you the luxury of working from you bed while still dressed in your PJs. But, this will probably just make you sleepy, lethargic and distracted. Instead, get dressed for your work day - you don't have to put on a suit and tie, but get out of pajamas and put on something presentable. It will help put your mind in work mode.

This next tip might seem obvious, but I'm going to put it out there anyway. Don't use your kitchen table or couch as your desk. You need a designated workstation that takes you away from the regular household stuff and use this space only for work. This helps give you some structure and allows you to create an environment that suits your own work needs.

Other ways you can boost your productivity when working from home is by finding uninterrupted work time and using productivity-enhancing scents.

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