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Aromatherapy has the wonderful power of helping people relax after a long day, perhaps with a soothing bubble bath or a mist of lavender before bed. But, the powers of aromatherapy stretch much further than the ability to calm you -- the right scents can also make you super productive. Apartment Therapy outlines five scents that can help boost your productivity in your home office.

Cinnamon is not only a great fall and winter spice, it also helps you stay alert and improves your focus. Mint is great for improving attentiveness -- even chewing on peppermint gum does the trick. Lemon helps give your brain a jolt, which is especially useful for those lethargic days. However, lemon can be quite strong so try using just a very small amount first. Orange is another bold scent, like lemon. It's best when paired with Cinnamon. Lastly, rosemary has been proven to help people think on their feet and even make smarter decisions when placed in tense situations.

Add a little candle or oil burner to your desk to help boost your productivity during the day. If you work from an office, you can even add a few drops of oil to a bowl of hot water.

Do you have any favorites scents that get you through the day?

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