happy employees

Happy workers are productive workers. And since productive workers are beneficial to the company's bottom line, it's important for employers to know what keeps their staff happy. The infographic below from Staff Squared outlines how companies can keep employees happy.

A large majority of surveyed workers say they need flexible hours and immediate feedback to stay happy and engaged in their jobs. Other factors include career progression, personal development, training, and a happy and collaborative work environment.

To help keep employees happy, companies should ensure that each position has room for growth. They can also show recognition for good work by offering bonuses and awards to those that deserve it. To provide flexibility, give employees the option to work from home and encourage a better work-life balance. And, give employees autonomy -- let them complete their tasks the way they want to and encourage them to become decision makers.

Learn more about how to make employees happy in the infographic below.

how to keep employees happy
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