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No one likes Mondays. It's the beginning of what many view as a long stretch before they hit the weekend again. Ever since we were children, we hated the idea of Mondays -- leaving the weekend full of fun and play to head back to school where we were thrown into a world of tests, quizzes and homework. Recent research has shown that we are at our most productive on Tuesdays, but Mondays don't have to be so bad. Here are a few ways you can turn your Mondays around and make them just as productive as Tuesday.

Get Rid of Monday Meetings

One of the reasons why many people don't love Mondays is because they have to go straight from weekend mode into work mode for Monday morning meetings without any time to adjust. Weekly check-in meetings or project reviews should be left for later in the day or even in the week. People tend to feel most productive in the morning, so this time should be used for meaningful work.

Plan for the Week on Friday

Many people wait until Monday morning to plan their week, schedule meetings and create a to-do list. However, the trick to making Mondays more productive is by going into work already knowing what goals you want to achieve and knowing what tasks you'll be tackling that day. Since Fridays are the least productive for most, use Friday afternoons to plan for the coming week. Go over your calendar, plan for any extra help you might need and start Monday with guns blazing.

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