5 key traits of successful entrepreneurs

It takes a certain type of person to build and run a successful business. Many entrepreneurs tend to have similar personality traits, which allow them to be driven and self-motivated enough to work often excruciating long hours and innovative enough to come up with unique ideas. The infographic below from Digital Information World outlines the 5 common traits of successful entrepreneurs.

According to the infographic, every successful entrepreneur has unwavering passion. Entrepreneurs have to more than love what they do -- they have to believe in it wholly and be dedicated to the product or service enough to see in through highs and lows without losing sight of the bigger picture.

Successful entrepreneurs should also have the desire to be an expert. They understand the benefits of sticking to one industry for many years. During these years, they learn the industry's history and the ins and outs of how it works. Knowing the history gives them a better idea of what might work moving forward. These years also serve well for networking and building important relationships.

Learn more about the 5 traits of successful entrepreneurs in the infographic below.

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