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Starting the week off with inspiring stories from the business world seems like the perfect way to beat a case of the Mondays.

  • The highest-grossing restaurant in the U.S. was started in 1982 by a then-59-year-old. He is still reaping the rewards of his endeavor three decades later. [Forbes]
  • Scott Harrison, founder of charity: water, had an epiphany while on vacation in Uruguay: He was a "selfish scumbag." This realization inspired him to change his life and use his success to help others. Check out these 10 inspiring success stories of then dreamers, now leaders. [Inc.]
  • Britain's answer to widespread unemployment is to focus on young entrepreneurs. Start Up Loan is an £80m program that recently recruited 10 ambassadors to inspire fellow would-be entrepreneurs. [The Independent]
  • The CEO of Lenovo doesn't rely on motivational speeches to connect with employees. Instead, he put his money where his mouth is by giving $3 million bonus to 10,000 workers. [The Huffington Post]
  • From an exectutive with Asperger's to "America's Most Beloved CEO," the stories behind these seven corporate executives are sure to inspire. [Young Upstarts]
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