job interview

Whether you are in a position to conduct interviews with potential hires or a jobseeker who wants to ask the right questions during an interview, today's must-reads will help you feel confident while interviewing.

  • "How receptive are you to feedback from your employees when you do something they disagree with?" This is just one of over a dozen excellent questions that should be asked when you're looking for the right employer. [Mashable]
  • The good part of a phone interview is that you can be cozy and comfy in your PJs without anyone being the wiser. The bad part is that all of your confidence and passion must be relayed strictly through audio. Here are six tips to a great phone interview. [College Candy]
  • Bringing in a new member to the team is an important task. Even one person with conflicting goals or values can alter the dynamics of a team. Ask all of the right questions with these interviewing tips. [CareerBuilder]
  • Of course it's important as an employer to ask all of the right questions of a potential employee. It's just as important to be sure you don't ask any of the wrong questions. Avoid potential legal pitfalls with these tips. [Inc.]
  • It's becoming increasingly more common for employees to ask job seekers to attend group interviews, where several of the company's top players can be in attendance at once. This can definitely be a bit intimidating. Be sure you're prepared. [AOL]
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