Keep Track of Progress to Stick to New Habits
Keep Track of Progress to Stick to New Habits

Creating and sticking to new habits is hard. It requires a total change in routine and a whole lot of will power. An easy way to keep yourself going is simply by keeping track of your progress.

The trick is to get yourself on a winning streak. Once you start seeing that you've stuck to your new habit for 3 days, a week, two weeks or a month, it will serve as motivation to keep going.

Somer Hansen told Fast Company that she sets yearly goals to keep her on track of how many books she reads, ensuring she sticks to her habit of waking up early everyday for ample reading time. She tracks how many books she reads to ensure she's on track to reach her yearly goal.

Jerry Seinfeld uses a similar tactic. He has a goal of writing everyday, and when he's done he pus an 'X' in his calendar. The streak of X's gives him motivation to ensure he never misses a day.

How do you keep track of your new habits and goals?

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