It turns out we have a pretty hard time letting go of our phones, literally. A new survey from YouGov Omnibus found that half of all millennials actually carry their phones in their hands throughout the day.

I've been guilty of this -- my outfit didn't come with pockets and I'm using a backpack instead of a purse, making it hard to reach for my phone when I want it. And sometimes I just carry my smartphone in my hand just for the hell of it. It wasn't until I read this survey that I realized how odd, and possibly unhealthy, that is.

It seems this is a uniquely millennial trait. Only 30% of those surveyed between the ages of 35 and 54 said they carried their phones in their hands, and only 16% of those 55 and over reported the same.

As Digital Trends noted, our smartphones have become extensions of our arms, making it so that we are constantly connected. The term "at your fingertips" as never been more accurate.

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