management styles

The way a person works has a lot to do with their own habits, their environment and sometimes just their mood. But management style also has a huge impact on employee productivity. Below are a few management styles that get in the way of efficiency in the office.


Some managers use fear tactics to get the results they desire from employees. However, all they are really doing is getting in the way of employee productivity. Your employees shouldn't be scared of you and you should never reprimand them publicly -- this will just demean them. If an employee needs to be spoken to about their performance, do it behind closed doors. Instead, create an environment based on trust and mutual respect.


You have to trust your employees to do their jobs. After all, that's why you hired them. Employees need to have some sense of control over their work situation, and they will never be able to exceed your expectations if you don't give them an opportunity to do so. Give your employees some space and let them decide how they'll complete their work. This will increase engagement, morale and motivation.

No Recognition

Employees need to feel appreciated when they've done well at a task or project. Company leaders need to give recognition for this work, otherwise employees will feel demotivated and their performance will begin to suffer. Keep in mind that the work they do influences the company's bottom line and without any appreciation, employees will begin to feel disengaged from the organization's goals. While bonus checks are great, a simple note of gratitude will also suffice.

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