millennial worker

Millennials have often been maligned as being entitled or difficult to manage. Maybe they're just misunderstood. Today's must-reads offer some insight into understanding how to manage and motivate this complex generation.

  • An integrated workforce and taught leadership skills are two of the five "quick tips" to managing millennials. [CIO Insight]
  • You can toss numbers aside: When it comes to motivation, millennials are not driven by salary. [Boston Business Journal]
  • Eleven simple, no-nonsense tips on how to manage the millennial workforce. []
  • Generosity is a major millennial motivator. A new study shows that an astounding 75 percent of this generation donated money to charitable causes in 2011 alone. [The Huffington Post]
  • The desire to work overseas, have a healthy work-life alignment and working for companies they admire are just a few of the key things millennials crave. [LifeBenefits/Aware]
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