Meetings can be huge time-wasters, and tends to be one of the biggest efficiency complaints for companies of all sizes. Facebook isn't immune to this issue, but Mark Zuckerberg has recently taken steps to ensure his company's meetings are efficient and aren't wasting anyone's time.

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook exec and author of Lean In, answered a Quora inquiry, asking "How does Sheryl Sandberg plan her day?"

"Mark has done a really good job improving the efficiency of meetings at Facebook this year," she replied. "He asks people to send materials in advance so we can use the time for discussion and we try to be clear about our goal when we sit down for a meeting — are we in the room to make a decision or to have a discussion?"

These two strategies are very simple. First, give the meeting a clear goal, and make that goal known to all attendees. Then, ensure that any materials needed to reach said goal are prepared and ready to be presented at the meeting.

It sound simple enough that anyone can implement, while also making the time you do spend in meetings a lot more worthwhile.

H/T Inc.

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