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We want you, our fellow rebels, to start getting to know Team Ridiculously Efficient. We'll be giving you little tidbits about ourselves -- sometimes we'll get deep, other times we'll be a bit silly. But really, we just want to show your our collective rebellious nature and that a rebel can come in many forms.

Meet Marissa Brassfield

Kolbe: 6-8-5-2

StrengthsFinder: Maximizer, Relator, Achiever, Individualization, Strategic

Role at Ridiculously Efficient: Chief Efficiency Officer

5 Questions With Marissa

1. What's one thing most people don't know about you?

I can throw and pitch (fastpitch softball) with both hands, and bat from both sides of the plate. It got me recruited to play D-1 ball at the University of Pennsylvania, although for rotation reasons there I was a lefty. :)

2. What's your favorite icebreaker and why?

"What fruit best describes your personality?" You can tell so much about someone by their selected fruit!

My response is always "pineapple." I can be sweet or sour, depending on when you pick [on] me. I'm at my best when given time outside in the sun. And I have a prickly outer layer that protects me from danger!

3. What is your superhero skill?

I am best-in-class at identifying and obliterating obstacles to progress. Digging deep and finding that one problem that, if solved, makes achievement simple (but not necessarily easy).

4. What's your favorite quote?

I love quotes -- ask me in an hour and my answer might be different -- but right now, it's this one from John Waters: "True success is figuring out your life and career so you never have to be around jerks."

5. Why is rebellious productivity important to you?

It's the entire reason I get up in the morning: agency. Freedom of choice.

Rebellious productivity gives me complete license to make shit happen in and out of work. Where, how, why and specifically what I do to achieve results -- none of it matters or needs to be managed, so long as I consistently execute on time, under budget and ahead of schedule.

It's a magical cycle: The productivity builds up others' trust in me so that they can give me the freedom to be rebellious. The strong desire to maintain this freedom -- to protect my way of life -- fuels my motivation, creativity and ambition. And the motivation and ambition stokes my internal fires to ruthlessly achieve.

What's your favourite quote? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter @efficient.

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