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It's likely that you work over eight hours every day. It's also likely that during certain portions of the day, your productivity level is much higher than others. How can you keep your productivity consistent throughout the day? James Reinhart, cofounder of thredUp.com, shared five morning rituals to keep you productive all day. Here are the three that do it for me.

1. Daily Exercise. Reinhart recommends seven minutes of exercise each morning. This time allotment is not just random -- seven minutes is short enough to not impact the rest of your morning schedule, but long enough to help you shake the early morning grogginess.

2. Pick 3 wins for the day. In the early morning hours, while you are thinking about the various tasks you must complete during the day, pick three wins that you know are possible to achieve during the day. This will give you a sense of motivation and something to strive toward throughout the day.

3. Power up after lunch. Most of us return from lunch feeling like a tire with a hole in it. All of our energy and motivation slowly leaks out of the hole, and by 4 pm, we are pretty much useless. Don't let this happen to you. Take 15 minutes after lunch to refocus your tasks for the afternoon. Identify the things you want to get done, establish a game plan, and go for it. Turn your usual afternoon routine upside down with a productive, efficient approach.

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