Some of us are highly accountable to commitments we make. Even major habit changes are relatively easy because once we’ve formally committed to something, it immediately becomes law.

For many of us, though, making a commitment and following through on it are two different sets of actions. Today, we’re constantly distracted or interrupted -- factors that can torpedo even the best of intentions.

To fight this, initiate teamwork. If you’re someone who has trouble following through on a commitment, pair up with someone whose accountability you admire and make an arrangement to mentor each other as you each pursue a challenging goal.

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  • Your accountability buddy should be someone that is supportive of your goal and will take the initiative to ensure you are staying on track. If you want to exercise daily, pick someone who either shares that goal or already engages in that habit.
  • Choose someone who will give you a bit of tough love when you need it, and can help to encourage and motivate you to keep working toward your goal. Mastering your mental game is critical, especially if you’ve established a pattern of not following through on a commitment.

My go-to accountability buddies are my husband Mike and my Ridiculously Efficient team. No matter the goal, if I feel like I’m sharing the plight with someone else, it becomes easier and more achievable.

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