As the world of work continues to change, leaders need to keep up with the expectations of high performers in order to retain their top talent. In a recent article published on the LinkedIn Learning Blog, writer Paul Petrone seeks out the wisdom of business leaders like Arianna Huffington, Reid Hoffman, Bill George and Ryan Holmes to find out how leaders can keep up with their high performers. One thing they could all agree on is that leaders need to empower their employees.

“CEOs have to learn how to recruit and manage talent to keep pace with rapid change,” Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, said. “Rather than focusing exclusively on salary or perks, make your organization the best possible launch pad for amazing careers.”

He suggests changing traditional company positions into entrepreneurial ventures where the company and individual can grow together. Then, when the employee is ready to move on to their next venture, the timing works in favour of both parties.

For Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, the empowerment comes in the form of being able to disconnect. CEOs, she says, need to be able to unplug for their own wellbeing. And setting this example can help employees do the same.

“We’re overwhelmed by technology, and that’s only going to increase,” Huffington said. “Technology allows us to do amazing things, but – if we let it – it also accelerates the pace of our lives to the point where it consumes our attention and our ability to focus and be present. And it’s going to be those CEOs who are able to truly disconnect – and reclaim the time and space they need to be creative, to innovate, to access their own wisdom and intuition – who will win the future.”

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